Our vision

“It takes change to make change.”

Uniting professional influencers and ordinary people around the world to campaign for vital social and environment issues.UNITED4CHANGE has been started as a vision, that digital power is infinite and can create a significant change in consciousness and behavior by synchronizing social media voices simultaneously. Influencers utilize their impact on followers and communities for one unique message. Every post counts. United we stand for change.


Our issues

World Environment Day – June 5th 2017

Brought into being by the United Nations on June 5th 1972, the “World Environment Day” yearly celebrates ecological courage with different events and initiatives. About 150 countries worldwide participate in the “World Environment Day” to boost awareness, that human beings themselves threaten the environments’ diversity and stability.

Out of many important issues we selected three essential fields, that are present in industrial nations for all people all day:

How you can unite for change:

  • Use your social media power to create awareness for the World Environment Day
  • Choose a field you want to campaign for
  • Brief your community in due time about the World Environment Day
  • Demonstrate how to contribute for a healthier environment
  • Unite and take action

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Take part

The UNITED4CHANGE union is infinite and includes every single person who unites for every single project.

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Melanie Merges-Dimitriou melanie md
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Anna Raschen Network Public Relations
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Antonis Alexiou A2design
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Holger Petermann Think Inc.
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Alexandra Osmers Network Public Relations
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“The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not fighting the old, but on building the new.”

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